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4 Reasons to Outsource to an Agency

The list of reasons for hiring an agency is not long. It’s just 4 simple things.

Sometimes people just want to know why. Why would we outsource to an agency (in our case, an events agency)? Here are four simple reasons our clients hire us, and what we believe to be the four best reasons for using any type of agency for outsourced work.

But before those four reasons, let’s just clarify that “outsource” doesn’t mean having it done someone else’s way, or “off-loading” the job onto some strangers. Simply put, it should mean partnering with someone who works as an extension of your own company. Now, the four reasons (in no particular order):

    When you don’t have enough resources in house to do the amount of work required. Agencies can provide the resources you need to fill the gaps you have. It might be for a specific piece of a project or for an on-going role. Either way, this is basically extra hands to do all the stuff you have to do.
  2. SPEED
    When you could normally do the job, but are time-restrained, agencies can provide added help to speed up a job. Also, because the agency spends so much time doing the jobs you hire them for, they often have well-oiled processes and learned shortcuts/hacks for the job. This is especially true for things like events where they work on them all year and you might only work on them for short, focused time-periods.
    It’s hard to produce ideas that are “outside the box” or just plain different when you live inside that box every day. Hiring an agency can help you step outside your range of vision and get new ideas. Agencies (should) spend a lot of time keeping tabs on the latest trends, new ideas, and even coming up with new things themselves. They should have innovation built-in to the way they think and do business and can provide that spark of inspiration you need.
    There are a lot of things we get asked to do in our jobs, and often our expertise in those things is less than ideal. Other times, we just need additional, specialized help in areas where our teams don’t have expertise. Agencies can step in and assist with this because of their specialized nature. They will have resources with years of cultivated expertise in areas you need.

Outsourcing is not always needed, and choosing the right partner to work with can be tricky (a whole other discussion), but if there is a reason to outsource, it’s one of the four above.