Services That Achieve

Our work helps you achieve more with your events – wherever and however we can. Indeed, working together we can make your events…

  • Stay Current
  • Be Engaging
  • More Effective

Experienced leaders from JMH can assist with the design, planning, management, execution, analysis, and reporting of your events, taking on the whole load or filling in the gaps you have. It’s not about how much work we do, but about what results you can achieve – about what more you can do with our help.

Because every situation is unique, we customize our work to each client’s particular needs with an adaptable and scalable approach – fitting the context of your pace, your resources, and your business culture. From startup to fortune 500, non-profits to governments or associations – in a domestic or international setting, our team can provide the needed skills and experience to step up where you need.


The most common services we are hired for are; consulting, sourcing, management, support, technology, and group travel.



Our consulting services are centered on helping our clients design the best possible events to match desired objectives. These services might be helping analyze a current events portfolio, helping design or re-imagine single event, or architecting an events strategy that better aligns with sales and marketing efforts. This service can help you move a business strategy into full concept and design, ready for execution. Simply put, we help you put together all the pieces of the puzzle.


Events need spaces, stuff, and staff. We can help you find; the right price and secure contracts for all of it. Our team will help you effectively research locations, develop and fulfill on themes, and identify a supplier or group of suppliers that can meet your requirements and realize your vision.


Events take a lot of planning and coordination to execute well. Our expert and experienced team will help you plan and execute your event strategy, helping to coordinate all the moving pieces that come into play, such as vendors, budget management, on-site staff, and logistical elements. JMH teams will help you manage scheduling, budgeting, acquiring appropriate permits, coordinate transportation, design emergency plans, and much more.


Clients often need support services to help with specific aspects of an event. This might be help with managing hotel room blocks, arrival and departure, transportation, VIPs, registration/check-in, and other services. JMH provides services to fill in those gaps where needed. These services are sold a la carte or bundled with other services (your choice).


Technology has become a large part of events – both for attendees and planners. The introduction of new technologies has allowed events to reach new heights and can greatly enhance the event experience. However, with so many diverse and complex technology options, it can be a burden for event teams to find, learn, and implement successfully. JMH provides a set of event technology services meant to take the complexity out of the experience and help you execute amazing experiences with the best possible technology options available.

  • Training and Implementation
  • Managed Services
  • Integration and Custom Development


For events where attendees or VIPs need to travel to the event by air, our in-house IATA certified air team can help book and manage all travel arrangements. This ensures your attendees, speakers, VIPs, and executives all get the very best experience with a white-glove travel experience. With real voices, real people behind those services with expertise, you ensure travel costs are well managed and that people get an “effortless” experience. We provide services such as:

  • Airline Booking
  • Arrival/Departure Transportation
  • Arrival/Departure Manifests
  • Budget Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Extension Services

Our services are typically used for these types of events

  • Training
  • Product Launches
  • Roadshows
  • Tradeshows
  • Incentive/President Clubs
  • Sales Kickoffs
  • User Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Meetings

  • Board Meetings
  • Executive Retreats
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Holiday Parties
  • VIP Events
  • Golf Events
  • Shareholder Meetings
  • Teambuilding
  • Festivals