JMH is an events agency that helps business and organizations design, plan, and execute live experiences.


We produce amazing live attendee experiences that create deeper more meaningful relationships, change lives and improve business.


Our approach is to serve our clients from a place of experience, expertise, transparency and humility. It’s to work at your pace, to know your business, and use the best possible processes and tools to create results you define.

This means that everything we do is Practical (not academic), Relevant (everything has a purpose),Fast (not slow or boring). Most importantly, we never forget the human element of what we do – that clients are our friends, our colleagues, and people we want lifelong relationships with. More simply put…



  • Professionals who are experts in engagement, not just event planning
  • A partner that puts in the effort to really know you and your business
  • People who can adjust comfortably to the pace at which you want and need to work
  • Advisors who know what is current, why it matters, and how/when it is relevant to your event
  • Simplicity and ease – we should be easy to do business with at every level
  • The highest level of transparency and integrity
  • The right people for the right job
  • Results you can measure and an appropriate return on your investment
  • The right to no peripheral, pointless, or hidden fees/costs
  • Technology services at the level needed to match the context
  • Less hype and more results
  • The depth and diversity of experience, capabilities, and understanding that is needed
  • Creativity and innovation with a purpose
  • A great, sincere, relationship


To accomplish our mission, we believe an event must have these 4 elements:

1. Clearly Defined Objectives
Events need identified, defined objectives that can be measured. They must be aligned to real business objectives in planning, tactics, and in results.
2. Execution that is Aligned with Objectives
Great execution is a core need for events – a true must-have. But it alone does not make a great event. Every aspect of the event must be managed with a focus on the right objectives.
3. Efficiency
Events can waste a lot of time, effort, and money on things that either cost too much, are unneeded, or produce diminished returns on investment. Events must become perfectly efficient.
4. Successful Human Engagement
Nothing we do in elements 1-3 will matter if they do not produce the ultimate, primary goal and reason for an event – human engagement. The face-to-face opportunities that events provide must be capitalized on, else why do an event at all?!


When you successfully align and execute these four elements, you have a perfect event – the primary products of which are:

  • Deeper, more meaningful relationships
  • Appropriate measurable results

Let’s get you more of that!